SERPENTHES is the work of Los Angeles self-taught artist Gabriela Ruiz. Her ink illustrations and mixed media pieces have been displayed in group shows and collaborations across the United States and Mexico. She has been a Featured Artist at Comikaze Convention LA, Wonderground Gallery at Downtown Disney, and with RAWartists Hollywood.

I was born and raised in Southeast LA. I spent 20 years working service jobs and figuring out my art in Hollywood then moved back to the hood to undo all the damage that did lol

The only social media I update daily is my personal instagram.
I track all my work progress on my work instagram.
I’m also a lurker on tiktok.
No twitter because fuck Elon Musk.

The above foto was taken by my partner in crime, you should check out his work next: lionhas3heads.com

The graphic design branch of Serpenthes can be found online and on Etsy as Dos Estrellas press. Click the banner above to visit.