WELCOME to Miss Bianca's Creature Conservatory!

WELCOME to Miss Bianca's Creature Conservatory!

Step right in, take your coat off and take a look around! At Miss Bianca's we believe that Children and Creatures are basically the same and learn best from each other, not from tired grown-ups who have to pay bills - although we keep a couple of those around in order to keep the fires to a minimum. We believe in not judging books by their covers - unless they're covered in Velvet since that's usually very fancy.

Take a look around as we open up the Conservatory to the public but PLEASE be warned: DO NOT PET anyone no matter how cute they look. Our Creatures prefer distance and respect.

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          Welcome to our new home! Miss Bianca’s Creature Conservatory was established in 2003 with Sam (don’t call her Samantha) and her pet octopus Abby, who’d left home in search of freedom, adventure and snacks.   Since then quite a few more Creatures (including humans) have come to call the Conservatory home.   A […]