Night at the Onyx

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hello guys & dolls.
a couple of things:

New product up on the site. This set is near & dear to the ticker: Night at the Onyx

Fellow artist/brain twin/favourite human Jody Pham of The Land Between Solar Systems was the very first to pick up a set and featured them on her site.
Pay her a visit. And check out her Etsy shop, she has an incredible amount of gorgeous jewelry just waiting to join your collection.


Vincent & Victor

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You see, this is why I usually post everything at once. If I have several pieces of artwork to show you, I might remember to post the first. Maybe even the 2nd. But it wasn’t until today that I remembered that I had one more piece to show you.

This is probably my favorite of the whole animal/kid series so far.

Vincent & Victor
black ink
9 x 12 inches

current sounds: Dodger baseball
current beverage: rum and coke

Z is for Zombie

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Some more new work.
I like zombies. We go way back. Also they prove easy and fun to draw.
That’s about it. I may do a whole set of them, who knows.

9 x 12 inches
black ink

current beverage: water
current sounds: the clawing of undead hands against wooden floorboards