Vincent & Victor

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You see, this is why I usually post everything at once. If I have several pieces of artwork to show you, I might remember to post the first. Maybe even the 2nd. But it wasn’t until today that I remembered that I had one more piece to show you.

This is probably my favorite of the whole animal/kid series so far.

Vincent & Victor
black ink
9 x 12 inches

current sounds: Dodger baseball
current beverage: rum and coke

Z is for Zombie

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Some more new work.
I like zombies. We go way back. Also they prove easy and fun to draw.
That’s about it. I may do a whole set of them, who knows.

9 x 12 inches
black ink

current beverage: water
current sounds: the clawing of undead hands against wooden floorboards

New Prints for sale

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Hello dearests –
Just a quick note to inform.
After ages, I am offering several of my absolute favorite pieces up for sale in print form.

To The Fair! 1893


Frank and Frank’s Old Lady

are now available in the Etsy shop.
These limited editions will only be around for this particular round so act quickly.
Frank and Frank’s Old Lady will obviously be sold as a set only.

Visit the Etsy shop now

Life has kept things a little hectic for me this month but in the next week or so I’ll do our Favorites and Pretty Things posts for February.