RX : Jelly Donut Muffins

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If we follow each other on Instagram, you know some weeks I bake like I actually get paid for it.  (I don’t, except in hugs and smiles and alls I need :)

I bake Jelly Donut Muffins fairly often – they’re quick, easy, and you can use whatever jam, jelly, pudding, cream or custard you have handy.   The batch I made here was half grape jelly and half pumpkin butter since I only had a couple tablespoons left in each jar.



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Greetings + Salutations, long time no see!

Winter has proven to be the most productive season ever here at the House of Black.   Little by little, new artwork has been hitting the Serpenthes etsy shop and tons of brand new product is going up in the Line 117 Paper shop including hand-made greeting cards featuring my work.  Check out 117 on Etsy and follow both on Facebook  to keep track with me (and Thomas Rex): ♥



HAPPY 2016

Happy New Year, comrades!

As usual, last December was my busiest month of the year.  Between designing/printing holiday cards for Line 117 Paper, I’ve also been designing for Valentine’s Day, new Bridal + Baby designs as well as working on my own massive art projects.


If you purchased holiday cards – thank you!!  Be sure to add Line 117 Paper across social media to keep in touch with new stuff, promos, etc.