HAPPY 2016

Happy New Year, comrades! As usual, last December was my busiest month of the year.  Between designing/printing holiday cards for Line 117 Paper, I’ve also been designing for Valentine’s Day, new Bridal + Baby designs as well as working on my … Continued


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GREETINGS + SALUTATIONS! Long time no see, friends.   How is summer treating you? After several months off the artistic radar, I’ve just re-opened the Etsy shop and given serpenthes.com a little bit of a face lift.   I think every artist … Continued

New Era

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    Originally posted on Tumblr.   26 February 2015 :: 3 pst I often play with the idea of using this place as more than a re-blogging agent.  I’ve maintained a blog over at serpenthes.com for many years now … Continued