You can call me Gabriela, or Bianca, or Ruiz, just don’t call me on the phone because I never answer.

I’m a native of Los Angeles ~ I grew up in the southeast ‘hood, went to high school in Hollywood, and stayed there ’til well into my 30’s.  I’ve taken public transit, carried a knife and spoken fluent Crazy for most of my life.  Not keeping an eye on the road means I can keep my eyes on everything else : street art, car art, architecture, accidents, hustles, the Mexican mom + pop shops down Cesar Chavez (forever La Brooklyn) in East L.A. or the Salvadorean street vendors in MacArthur Park, or the African incense hustlers in Watts.  My experiences are part of my art.  My city is a part of my art.

I’m a product of immigrants – first generation American on my father’s side.  I’m half Mexican, half Costa Rican.   My Mexican ancestors built railroads across the US before World War II, when borders weren’t what they are now.  My Costa Rican family comes from a long line of French bakers and Spanish political malcontents.  My cultures and ancestors are a big part of my art too.

I grew up in a conservative Catholic household and went to Catholic school until the 10th grade.  I’ve since learned my history and have left Western religion altogether.  I admit I’m still a little angry about it : decolonizing is part of my art. 

When I was in high school, I started ditching class to spend time on the streets of Hollywood.  I ended up making conversation with people I met on the street: homeless teenagers, prostitutes, drug dealers, and junkies specifically.  Since then I’ve understood that every single person has a past and present, everyone has a reason for their bullshit, nobody should ever be judged or made to feel bad.  Understanding people is part of my art.

I’ve had my own issues with bad decisions, addictions, and mental illness.  I come from a long line of “suck it up ’til it kills you” kind of people, and it did almost kill me.  I’m learning a less toxic, much kinder approach at Life and Art : constant evolution it’s part of my art.






My drawing weapons of choice are Sakura Micron illustrating pens, Letraset and Prismacolor markers,  and Canson Mix Media sketchbooks.

My other weapons of choice are switchblades and hair-cutting scissors, I have many of both in case you ever need a new haircut or know of someone who needs a mugging.

When I’m not drawing or possibly mugging people, I’m designing for DOS ESTRELLAS press.  On their site you can find my more mainstream designs on mugs, shirts, and social stationery like note cards and wedding invites:  dosestrellas.etsy.com

My better half is my best friend and a brilliant photographer: Leo Quijano II : Lionhas3heads.com
I answer to no one but a Siberian Husky named Laika and a tiny T. Rex that calls himself Thomas.

If you want to check out my favorite artists, there’s a link list in the side menu.  (You should start with Jody Pham ;)

I suggest following me on Instagram, as it’s my favorite of the social medias.