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HAPPY NEW YEAR comrades!


I hope the year has treated you marvelously so far!
2017 had a whole lot of radio silence – even for us –  but even more growth and development.
Headquarters moved clear across LA county from Hollywood to Long Beach.  A huge part of last year was re-organizing, getting situated, creating a ton of new work, and making battle plans for the next year – AS WELL AS – getting my own personal mental health things in order.  If you follow me on any kind of social media you may know that over the past year I’ve gotten a lot more open about a life-long struggle with some pretty terrible anxiety and depression.  Unfortunately, It’s a massive part of me and my daily life.   It wasn’t until a few years ago that I allowed myself to actually open up for help – but when I did, I saw just how common and devastating it is for MILLIONS of people.  I found that I had previously reached out to the wrong people: folks who just spit back the unhealthy things I already had in my head. I found it helped to listen to others with depression and anxiety and take note of what works for them.  My artwork is a lifeline for me – I’m grateful for the absolute need to create.  It’s kept me sane when not much else would.



One of my major goals for 2018 – aside from taking care of myself like an effing QUEEN – is to drown you all in my ridiculous art.  WOW that sounds threatening.  I don’t mean it in La Llorona sense or anything.

I’m kicking the year off with my first ever calendar!  12 months featuring some of my newest work from 2017 as well as TWO new releases.   The calendars measure 11″ x 17″ when open and are up RIGHT NOW in my etsy shop – I’d get poppin on that ASAP as they’re only available during the month of January: serpenthes.etsy.com
{when shopping on Etsy, please note that my shop is spelled serpentes (no h) but you can always search #serpenthes}








Last year I opened up my shop on THREADLESS, making it possible for me to offer t-shirts, bags, mugs, bedding, phone cases and a ton else. This year I plan on making a weekly additions to my Threadless collections : I create A LOT right now.  It comes from years of not creating – of self-doubt and stopping myself at every opportunity for many many reasons. 
So!  If you see a piece on Instagram that you saw me working on and liked, check out the threadless shop, it’s probably available on a shirt.  I want my comrades looking good, you know.







Also in 2018, a huge effort is going towards Dos Estrellas press : my Ruthlessly Polite Stationery side-hustle that features a massive amount of my work on stationery as well as invitations for weddings and baby showers.  This year we’re adding notebooks, pencils and mugs to the mix – useful things for badass babes to make life and work a little more interesting!

Add us on social media!

facebook: @DosEstrellasLA
instagram: @dos.estrellas
pinterest: @DosEstrellasLA




For following my work so far.  Over the years of working and showing in Hollywood, with RAW Artists, and at Downtown Disney, I’ve met and kept in touch with so many amazing people who love and share my weirdass visions.  THANK YOU for reading, following, sharing, supporting.  It means everything.


A + L // Sept ’17

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Greetings and salutations:

If you follow me on Instagram (and if not, wtf?!) you’ll know I’ve dropped quite a bit of new artwork in the past few months.  Some of it is up in the Etsy shop but a good majority of it is available in the NEW shop on Threadless: serpenthes.threadless.com

There you’ll find t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, bags, pillows, towels, notebooks… well you get it, yeah?   


A TODA MADRE ~ ink on paper






Greetings + Salutations, friends!   Quite a lot has happened since the last time I posted on this site, which was last September.    Should we talk about that election?  I’m not going to because it’s like an ongoing horror film.    Chances are you already follow me on some social media or another so it’s not like this post is too original but let’s catch up, shall we??

In January I said goodbye to Hollywood, which had been home since about 1996.  I miss random small things about it but the Hollywood I partied in as a punk-ass teenager and later as a punk-ass 20-something is long gone, along with any kind of illusion of affordability for struggling artists.   The House of Black was an exquisite time and place, full of incredibly special people and experiences.  There are memories I’m scribbling in a journal because I don’t trust my memory further than the front door.