Greetings + Salutations, friends!   Quite a lot has happened since the last time I posted on this site, which was last September.    Should we talk about that election?  I’m not going to because it’s like an ongoing horror film.    Chances are you already follow me on some social media or another so it’s not like this post is too original but let’s catch up, shall we??

In January I said goodbye to Hollywood, which had been home since about 1996.  I miss random small things about it but the Hollywood I partied in as a punk-ass teenager and later as a punk-ass 20-something is long gone, along with any kind of illusion of affordability for struggling artists.   The House of Black was an exquisite time and place, full of incredibly special people and experiences.  There are memories I’m scribbling in a journal because I don’t trust my memory further than the front door.

Somewhere in the midst of transition, I took a literal bloody hit to the right elbow during a small traffic accident and was out of commission for about a month.   I am basically the worst patient ever because I’m not careful with anything and have zero patience for healing time.  BUT I avoided broken bones, infection, control or nerve damage to my drawing hand.  Also I’m going to take a minute to remark on the amazing of ER nurses (s/o to Hollywood Presbyterian)  You are nothing short of magic in the work you do and the limited space you do it in.  Thank you ♥


You know what made leaving Hollywood a little easier?  Living so close to the beach you can hear the ship horns.  Some days I keep track of my day according to the Queen Mary‘s horns at 1000, 1500 and 1800.
So hello, Long Beach.  I’d spent time around you before, you’ve treated my sibling well for over a decade.  But wow, you kinda held out on me about how low-key cool you are.  Thank you for being kind to humans and dogs.  Love already, Me.

Speaking of dogs – while technically Laika is still a puppy, he keeps growing – in size and personality.



This kid is something else.  Independent, curious, smart, hilarious, observant, serious, adventurous, cuddly, stubborn… happy.  He reminds me of someone else I know, but don’t tell him I said so.


 “Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.”
James Baldwin


FIGHT THE POWER print by Ravi Zupa


New creating space.   My love for natural light is appeased.  We’re also home to a few new carnivorous plants! 

Naturally, despite not being settled for over a month AND having an injured arm, I can’t actually stop working on anything.  In the next month or so I hope to wrap up quite a few projects that have been lingering on the horizon for a really long time.    Some of you might receive random attacks of art soon.



As usual, you can see what I’m up to on the daily-type basis on Instagram.    Aside from artwork, I’ve been working like a crazy person to update Dos Estrellas press : adding new designs, streamlining the purchasing process, adding more options and more.   If you’re curious, check out the website ( or Etsy shop ( to see what’s new! 


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