Greetings + Salutations, long time no see!

Winter has proven to be the most productive season ever here at the House of Black.   Little by little, new artwork has been hitting the Serpenthes etsy shop and tons of brand new product is going up in the Line 117 Paper shop including hand-made greeting cards featuring my work.  Check out 117 on Etsy and follow both on Facebook  to keep track with me (and Thomas Rex): ♥



Even though the beginning of the year is usually filled with Holiday Card aftermath and Winter Cleaning, the Lion and I managed to escape Angel City for a few days to explore California’s Central Coast:


Can you tell I like coffee mugs?  If you’re ever in Morro Bay, hit up Kitty’s Kitchen.  Lion and Thomas-approved.

It was my first time visiting Hearst Castle though I’ll be honest, it felt a lot like returning to a past life memory.  I could spent months studying the architecture and art in every single room – or at the very least, the Casa del Sol.

There was a special quiet to seeing the grounds in the fog.  There had been a rare rain (California is still in a serious drought) the week before so the land was freshly blooming.  I love off-season everything.


Sometimes the most last-minute, least-planned things end up being the very best and this was one of those road trips.  So many wonderful things had happened since the last time I’d left town that it was a much-needed time for reflection with my favorite person and a whole lot of nature.

And unique hotel rooms.  Because I’m not quite at the camping-outside phase of my life just yet:


Returned to L.A. creatively inspired and ready to fire on all cylinders – Starting with trying my hand at stamp-carving using a little kit my dearest Jody had sent me many moons ago:


I was most pleased with the outcome of my second stamp:


Many new projects going at once, including new artwork and designs for Line 117 Paper:


And of course, myself:


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