HAPPY 2016

Happy New Year, comrades!

As usual, last December was my busiest month of the year.  Between designing/printing holiday cards for Line 117 Paper, I’ve also been designing for Valentine’s Day, new Bridal + Baby designs as well as working on my own massive art projects.


If you purchased holiday cards – thank you!!  Be sure to add Line 117 Paper across social media to keep in touch with new stuff, promos, etc.



It’s only been raining for a few days in Los Angeles but I’m already daydreaming about unusually warm December days last month.



Keeping up with our usual hi-jinks too.  What is it about the holidays that makes folks want to bake??  In the last two weeks of 2015 my kitchen smelled like mexican pan dulce, apple crumb cake, and Thomas’ favorite, cinnamon rolls.  (By request, I’ll be posting the recipe for the pan dulce soon!)


A great part of last year was spent setting up lots of things that should get moving this year.  And we’re already off to a start – this month I’ll be releasing FIVE new art prints, including the Work In Progress above (El Serracho Strikes Again) and below (Possum Love!)



So I’m one of those people that thinks possums are cute.  What can I say, I love urban wildlife – I grew up next to the L.A. River, where they frequently hang out and eat pet’s food.  They didn’t bother my cats and my cats didn’t bother them.

The above finished print will also be available as a Valentine’s card by Friday, 1/8!  Check the Line 117 Paper Etsy shop this weekend!


I hope the year has treated you well so far!  Be sure to follow on Facebook or Instagram for print release dates!

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