Greetings + Salutations, long time no see! Winter has proven to be the most productive season ever here at the House of Black.   Little by little, new artwork has been hitting the Serpenthes etsy shop and tons of brand new product is going up in the Line 117 Paper shop including hand-made greeting cards […]


HAPPY 2016

Happy New Year, comrades! As usual, last December was my busiest month of the year.  Between designing/printing holiday cards for Line 117 Paper, I’ve also been designing for Valentine’s Day, new Bridal + Baby designs as well as working on my own massive art projects.   If you purchased holiday cards – thank you!!  Be sure […]


GREETINGS + SALUTATIONS! Long time no see, friends.   How is summer treating you? After several months off the artistic radar, I’ve just re-opened the Etsy shop and given a little bit of a face lift.   I think every artist needs a break from the public art world every now and then and mine did […]