Gabriela here, owner and main designer for Dos Estrellas.

I’ve always written letters and sent invitations by post – as soon as I was able to write, my mom had us create and send out our own invitations & thank you notes.  Now – especially since everything is online – it’s rare and even more special to get actual mail instead of the usual bills & solicitations.  I have a handful of friends I write to and I’ll tell you: there’s nothing like coming home from a crap day at work and finding a letter from a friend in the mail.  Day saver!

I worked in a stationery shop for over 6 years and fell in love with paper & mail etiquette.  I saw a ton of beautiful (and incredibly expensive) wedding invitations & high-end stationery – and while I could pour through catalogs of designs for days, none of it was ever unique enough for me to use personally.  I had to customize a lot and eventually got enough compliments to realize that other people might be interested in having me make stuff for them too.

My goal is to create unique and beautiful things that people love enough to use – whether it be for a huge special occasion like a wedding or for a simple “thinking of you” note to your best friend.  As Dos Estrellas grows, I hope to include more artists and designers in my quest for unique, beautiful yet affordable paper things.

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Pentax-wielder, Matador, Light Bender, Getaway Driver

Keenest eye this side of the 405, The Lion is the magician that puts the shine on everything we create as well as being the final quality control stop (Virgo powers, am I right?) . He’s responsible for the majority of our beautiful photography, transport, and general sanity.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex, Critic, World Traveler

Along for just about every ride, show, and meet + greet – especially if there is food involved.
He enjoys bus rides (public + VW), french fries, having his picture taken, sharing his opinion, movies with explosions in them, and police chases on TV.
You can follow his adventures on his Instagram.