HAPPY 2016

Happy New Year, comrades!

As usual, last December was my busiest month of the year.  Between designing/printing holiday cards for Line 117 Paper, I’ve also been designing for Valentine’s Day, new Bridal + Baby designs as well as working on my own massive art projects.


If you purchased holiday cards – thank you!!  Be sure to add Line 117 Paper across social media to keep in touch with new stuff, promos, etc.


It’s only been raining for a few days in Los Angeles but I’m already daydreaming about unusually warm December days last month.



Keeping up with our usual hi-jinks too.  What is it about the holidays that makes folks want to bake??  In the last two weeks of 2015 my kitchen smelled like mexican pan dulce, apple crumb cake, and Thomas’ favorite, cinnamon rolls.  (By request, I’ll be posting the recipe for the pan dulce soon!)


A great part of last year was spent setting up lots of things that should get moving this year.  And we’re already off to a start – this month I’ll be releasing FIVE new art prints, including the Work In Progress above (El Serracho Strikes Again) and below (Possum Love!)



So I’m one of those people that thinks possums are cute.  What can I say, I love urban wildlife – I grew up next to the L.A. River, where they frequently hang out and eat pet’s food.  They didn’t bother my cats and my cats didn’t bother them.

The above finished print will also be available as a Valentine’s card by Friday, 1/8!  Check the Line 117 Paper Etsy shop this weekend!


I hope the year has treated you well so far!  Be sure to follow on Facebook or Instagram for print release dates!


Holiday Cards by Line 117 Paper // 2015

Originally written on the LINE 117 PAPER blog,
October, 2015

line 117 paper

Greetings & salutations!

Sales on this year’s Holiday cards have begun in the Etsy shop!   This will be my 7th year (!!!) selling Holiday cards and as with every other year, a new design has been added to the collection. Except this year I was super inspired and there are THREE new designs.

If you’ve never ordered cards from me before, here are the basics!

  • All designs start in packs of 10 cards & envelopes – but any amount may be ordered and I offer quantity discounts after 20.  This year I’ve added the option for different quantities so all pricing can be found in the drop-down menu on the right side of the listing.  If you would like a quantity that isn’t listed, just ask for a custom order!  I’ll be accepting them through mid-December.
  • Most cards are accented with hand-applied glitter.  The glitter used is a quality gel and does not rub off easily – because I’m not crazy about finding glitter in the rug in July either.
  • Each design comes with your choice of envelope colors!  We’ve matched the best colors with our designs so you get to pick your poison.
  • ALL cards & envelopes are made with percentages of recycled paper – I love paper and I love trees.  We can use both responsibly.
  • Customization is available through December 1st!  If you’d like a custom greeting, name personalization, extra glitter, no glitter, odd quantities of different designs, or any ol thing you can think of (and y’all have come up with gems in the past!), drop me a line.



New for 2015 is the holiday version of “Miss Spider’s Salon” by Serpenthes.  It’s hand decorated with red glitter on Miss Spider’s red hourglass and silver glitter on Miss Spider’s web as well as on the girl’s pigtails and holiday greeting.

This card is BLANK inside and comes with your choice of red, pale gray, matte black
or bright white envelopes.

Click to see the listing for “Miss Spider’s Salon” Holiday Cards



Also new for 2015 is our new LUCHADOR! design.  He’s super excited about wishing your friends, families and the raspado man a very Merry Christmas.

He’s decorated with ruby red glitter on his trunks, iridescent glitter on the stars, and gold glitter on his cuffs and wording.  This card is BLANK inside and really pops when matched with a teal, metallic gold, or rich red envelopes.

Click to see the listing for our Luchador Holiday Cards



This year’s New Year card features the fabulous Miss Olive by Serpenthes.

This card is BLANK inside and is not decorated with any glitter detail.  Of course if you’d like glitter accents added, contact us before buying and we’d be glad to do it at no extra charge.
This card is gorgeous when paired with metallic gold, deep black, or bright white envelopes.

Click here to see “Olive!” 2016 Card




This design is adapted from The Hook by Serpenthes and features our good friend William Bones wooing the audience with his favorite Dean Martin Christmas song.  By the looks of things, he probably should have waited on the spiked Nog.

The background stars are decorated with iridescent glitter gel.
He’s dressed to kill when matched with Metallic Gold, Rich Red or Deep Teal envelopes.

spacer The Hook Holiday Card – click to view the online listing!

spacerLINE 117 PAPER

My tentacle heart drawing has been decked out for the holidays!  This year’s design is a little different from years past – along with updating our glorious Art Deco typeface, each tentacle is decorated with bright gold glitter instead of metallic gel.
When paired with metallic gold envelopes, it shines in the mail like no bill ever has or will.  It also looks ridiculously chic with Matte Black or Crisp White envelopes.

spacerTentacle Heart Holiday Cards – click to see the listing!


Our tiny Edgar Allen Poe aficionados (based on Ronald & Regina by Serpenthes.com) are back in an updated version of my “Nevermore Merrier” design.  They come blank inside so you can write as little or much as you’d like and look most fabulous with our Rich Red envelopes.

Nevermore Merrier Holiday Cards – click to see the listing!


This delightfully weird pair was my very first Holiday design and it’s still one of the most popular.  Each card is carefully hand-decorated with iridescent & red glitters on Abby’s Santa Hat and iridescent glitter on her leash leading her to Sam (Don’t call her Samantha!).   These cards are blank inside and look amazing with Rich Red or signature Pale Gray envelopes.

spacerAbby and Sam Holiday Cards – click to visit the listing!


Happy Holidays Damas & Caballeros!  Our skeletal friend has been slightly revised this year and is ready to scare the pants off your family & friends! I mean – fill their homes with warmth and good cheer!  His card is accented with 3 different glitters: iridescent on his starry background, silver in his sprig of holly and red in his kicky scarf.  The photos don’t do him justice, my friends – he’s pretty handsome.

He looks great when paired with red, gray or black envelopes!

Dapper Cadaver Holiday Cards – click to visit the listing!


Our happy Mouse is having a ball ice skating and probably singing at the same time.  (What do you think he’s singing?) He’s decked out in a red glitter scarf and iridescent glitter detail on his surrounding ice and snow.   This card looks bright and beautiful when paired with Rich Red or Deep Teal envelopes.

Maus’ Sweet Skating Holiday Cards – click to view the listing!


line 117 paper

Even Viktor can’t resist sprucing up the home for the holidays.  He’s carefully decorated with red glitters on his Santa hat and ornament, and silver on his lit-up branch.  He’s available with an optional greeting inside and your choice of envelope colors.

Viktor Vulture Holiday Cards – click to view the listing!


So not every Mouse has a winter wonderland around them!  Personally, I’m a warm-climate kind of creature and so is our friend taking a dip in some sweet hot cocoa.  This card is decorated with red glitter on the peppermint stick slides and iridescent glitter on the marshmallows and steam.  It comes with an optional verse inside the card and your choice of envelope colors.

Maus’ Indoor Pool Holiday Cards – click to view the listing!



Even those of us with black little hearts don’t mind some holiday cheer.   This fella is one of my personal favorites – because you don’t have to be bright to be cheery.  His scarf is decorated with iridescent glitter and his body is accented with iridescent ink.  He’s sharp when paired with French Grey or Matte Black envelopes but never minds being spiced up with Rich Red or modern and clean in Crisp White.

P.S. Slytherin house no worries – green envelopes available for larger custom orders, contact for pricing.

Serpentine Wreath Holiday Card – click to view the listing!



Last but certainly not least is my other personal favorite, based on the El Venado (The Deer) card of the Serpenthes Loteria.   Our deer skull is decorated in silver glittered pearls and a red glitter star ornament.  It’s beautifully matched with your choice of Rich Red, French Grey, Matte Black or Crisp White envelopes.

 El Venado Holiday Cards – click to view the listing!

Thank you for taking a look at this year’s holiday card collection!  As always, if you have any questions about the cards, custom ordering or anything else, drop me a line: 117 @ serpenthes.com



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