Long time no see, friends.   How is summer treating you?

After several months off the artistic radar, I’ve just re-opened the Etsy shop and given serpenthes.com a little bit of a face lift.   I think every artist needs a break from the public art world every now and then and mine did a lot of good.  If you follow on Instagram, you’ve seen that I’ve been keeping busy.

Quite a few new things around the site AND the shop.  Despite my promises earlier this year, there WILL be a couple public events coming up in the Fall.



Among the new stuff is a DOWNLOADS section in the menu above.  There you’ll find free goodies from me to you – coloring sheets, mobile phone wallpapers + more things coming soon:



The Etsy shop has also been re-opened with several new prints, posters and one-of-a-kind pieces.  One of my favorite new additions is large-format prints: 13″ x 19″ fine art reproductions printed on archival, premium stock:






Aside from the larger prints, I’ve also added quite a few small 5×7 prints – perfect for desks, bedrooms OR to send to your favorite person:




Check out the Etsy shop for all the new prints + items available.  More coming soon!  Stay tuned.


New Era



Originally posted on Tumblr.


26 February 2015 :: 3 pst

I often play with the idea of using this place as more than a re-blogging agent.  I’ve maintained a blog over at serpenthes.com for many years now and at times go through phases of sharing bits of my life with the crazy folk that like my work…. though to be honest, even the bits of my life shown are somehow related to business.  I’ve mostly stuck to business.

You know what? Fuck business. I’m in the process of shutting down my shop on Etsy for an indefinite period of time. I’m tired of looking at the same old shit.

I’ve been a full-time artist for the past 3 years now.  Every year has gotten more lucrative than the last.  But last year I realized that the business of prints – reproducing, photographing, listing, packing, selling, marketing, planning & doing events/shows – was taking up far more of my time than creating was.  While I’ve sold more prints than ever in the past two years, I’ve also created the least amount of original artwork ever.

I want to focus on more personal work.  I have several pieces up at an upcoming show up in Fresno, One Degree of Separation: a Sisterhood of California Women Artists.  Perfect first event of the year…for it I chose pieces that span a 10 year period of my life.  I hope others see the evolution like I do.  The exhibit will be up throughout the Spring, I’ll post more info as the opening date gets closer.

While I didn’t set out for 2015 to be a year of huge change, I’m excited about it because timing has come together organically.  I’m bored with my drawing style.  I want to move on to bigger and better things. It requires a lot of time and practice. And honestly, running a creative-based business is exhausting and my brain needs a break.  I want time to enjoy being head-over-heels in love & NOT work on weekends & be able to take vacations & not have constant deadlines looming over my head.

We’ll see how I handle drawing for… fun.


P.S.   (3/13/15)
You can find Event info on One Degree of Seperation art exhibit in Fresno, California on the Arte Americas Facebook page.